Optimizing wellness through physical therapy, yoga therapy, bodywork, daily wellness regimen, and mindful practices


When you work with MBR you’ll experience first hand the simple and potent power of your own maintenance.


The combination of modalities from PT, YT, Lester bodywork method create a perfect symphony of holistic and professional approach unlike any other.


You can offer this practice and treatment knowing that it’s respected through peer based reviewed protocols and verified in medical journals.

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Concierge PT is similar to traditional concierge medicine offering subscriptions for members, packages, group classes, and those who require on-demand care. The convenience of meeting in your own home for private, attentive care eliminates the need to commute to a traditional clinic.

Mindbody Rehab offers concierge therapy to create a more convenient option for our clients.

  • 100% one-on-one care

  • Treatment sessions that are efficient & effective

  • Convenient scheduling

  • Ability to connect with your therapists for advice and questions

Services insurance will limit or not provide such as; Pre-surgery - prehabilitation to prepare for upcoming surgery - including strengthening, bed mobility exercises, patient education, and environmental preparations.

A comprehensive evaluation is performed by our licensed physical therapy professionals and results in a custom-designed plan of care that prioritizes our client’s goals and our clinician’s professional judgment.  Subsequent sessions rely upon this mutual plan and include integrative practices which consider every dimension of the individual.


As medical professionals, MBR applies therapeutic yoga to address a range of concerns across the spectrum of the human experience using tools rooted in the ancient practice of yoga.

MBR techniques are especially suited to address conditions across the continuum of care, managing symptoms associated with acute and chronic conditions alike.

"Yoga therapy may be defined as the application of Yogic principles to a particular person with the objective of achieving a particular spiritual, psychological, or physiological goal." - International Association of Yoga Therapists

We provide the best

customized services to

our patients:

  • One-on-one with the Doctor of Physical Therapy & Yoga Therapist

  • The entire time dedicated to you

  • All sessions are with the same practitioner for high quality care

  • Therapists hold advanced degrees

We focus on:

Acute & Chronic Care

post-surgical therapy

prehab therapy

improve function after traumatic events

Managing or reducing chronic pain in:

upper back - neck - shoulders - arms and hands - low back - pelvis - hips - legs and feet


The hands on work alongside the integrative modalities provides an optimal approach. We utilize soft tissue and joint mobilization along with myofascial resulting in freedom of movement & relief!


MBR techniques go beyond addressing conditions and offer tools to optimize wellness toward peak performance for our athletes, performing artists and the average perfectionist.  

Learn to stretch over-used muscles, strengthen under-trained muscles, protect vulnerable joints and merge profound mental focus with relaxation via potent practices for home and office.

Call or email us to schedule an appointment. At home visits are available. Pricing varies per service.


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