Meet the Founders

Ceci Lester

After a car accident in my 20s, I began the journey of healing and understanding chronic pain. Finding the best way to live a less painful and eventually mostly pain-free life became my life’s focus.

During my pursuit of a better life, mal tracking knee joints and upper torso joint hyper mobility amongst other structural and functional issues were exacerbated by well meaning but less than helpful trainers, teachers and even therapists.

Now, with tens of thousands of hours of trainings, licensure and certifications, I am living life.  I want our friends and family along with healthcare professionals to experience and utilize the simple yet profound strategies rooted in the ancient practice of yoga and integrated with an evidence-based program to treat, manage, and reduce suffering offering a non-pharmacological approach to chronic pain as well as solutions to enhance wellness and burgeoning capabilities to reach the highest potential.

It is so discouraging to hear,  “My therapist has never done that… I’ve never had a teacher like you before”… Why are people not doing what is most helpful out there? How can the simple techniques of observation, comfort, sequence, and application of re-patterning unhealthy behaviors be a secret? It is an open secret.

Give yourself, and your patients/clients the opportunity to see themselves as a whole because you’re treating them holistically.

With very simple techniques you can transform long-held patterns and create lasting change. Every therapist (health professional) can use these techniques and change the system of health care for the better.

YOU CAN LEARN  these TRANSFORMATIONAL techniques for yourself and share with your clients. LOOK FORWARD TO a library of repatterning techniques that you can offer your clients with a click.

  • Licensed PTA

  • Licensed Massage Therapist

  • Certified Viniyoga Therapist by the Association of Yoga Therapists, C-IAYT

Emily Large,
PT, CYT, RYT-500

The founder of Living Large Therapeutics, which combines the science of physical therapy with the time-honored practice of yoga. Emily has practiced physical therapy since 1994 in various settings, participated in physical therapy research, provided continuing education for health care professionals, and been featured in the New York Times, Yoga Journal, Palm Beach Post, PT Magazine, and NBC WPTV News Channel 5.

Emily received her Associate of Arts degree from the University of Florida, her Bachelor of Science degree in physical therapy from the University of Central Florida, and then attended Emory University for graduate studies in neuroscience and movement science.

Emily has practiced yoga since 1997 and her teaching is inspired by her teachers, Gary Kraftsow and Mirka Scalco Kraftsow.

Completing the four-year, 1000-hour yoga therapy program through the American Viniyoga Institute, Emily is recognized by the Yoga Alliance as an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher at the 500-hour level and a Certified Yoga Therapist. Currently, Emily is one of only two certified Viniyoga therapist in the states of Florida and Georgia.

Viniyoga essentially translates as “yoga with appropriate application” or

“yoga designed for the individual."

Viniyoga is a methodology of yoga therapeutics that is easy to learn, has a strong emphasis on safety, and an NIH funded study found it effective for treating persons with chronic low back pain.

We started MindBody Rehab because we believe health care should be in the hands of the patients with guidance from their therapists.

We are here to show self-healing, management and support that stems from knowledge and tried and true practices. We believe evidence based practices to heal and transform both patients and therapists.

We're here to change the system.

  • For too long we functioned within our current healthcare system which lacks awareness and utilization of integrative practices.

  • We call into question this traditional medical model and offer a different paradigm.

  • Rehabilitation that integrates solid research with time-tested ancient teachings.

For the past 20 years we've trained and taught thousands of students across the world the self healing practices, best and shortest routes for accessing corrective and therapeutic care.

What others are saying...

My back pains have lessened a lot this month. My back feels better than it has in the past six months and I am so grateful.

I credit it to all to you and the physical therapy I’ve done with you. I will be in touch with you as we go forward and thank you again so much for the excellent help you’ve given me along with the cheerful understanding. All the best.Dawn, Physical therapy patient

Now that you know more about us


  • EXPERIENCE - The founders of MBR have a combined 55+ years of unparalleled success in treating a multitude of conditions

  • OUTCOMES - Our outcomes far exceed the subpar acceptable standards established within the traditional model 

  • EFFECTIVE & EFFICIENT - MBR’s approach saves time and energy through intelligently designed programs with specific focus on the individual’s goals

  • ACCESSIBLE - MBR utilizes methods that are accessible and adapted to the individual’s goals.   Each program is tailored to that individual and appropriate for all.

Professional Certification Programs

Overcoming Pain with Yoga Therapy

The Mind Body Rehab method is a new way of relating to the body and mind connection to relieve pain. This yoga therapy centered course is perfect for movement professionals who want to introduce potent evidence-based and non-pharmacological methods that optimize health, reduce pain and improve function.


“If you have a mind and a body, you can do this work,” Ceci Lester



That's uniquely yours, totally customized and that works faster than traditional therapy.Our standard level of care is rooted in holistic modalities and a firm foundation of solid research.  Our methods effectively reduce pain and increase mobility more efficiently than traditional techniques. 

As therapists and educators, our main goal is to deliver integrative modalities that incorporate awareness, movement and self-care programs that fit your client’s lifestyle.

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